Ocure Technologies Pvt Ltd

Now-a-days, people are facing many difficulties while using health sector facilities.When it comes to seeing a doctor most of the time people have to wait in long queue and sometime people have to come again on some different day because no slot available of the same day or doctor is not free, etc. This is very difficult for people staying in village as they have to travel 100’ of km to visit doctor, etc. Situation is same for city people as well.

Getting medicines on time is also important. As well as buying a medicine at affordable price. Many people dies every because they can’t afford medicines or don’t get important medicines on time.

Same goes for lab tests, availability of various lab test and getting a lab test done quickly is also a challenge for rural or semi urban cities people.

Every year, we see many deaths due to unavailability of required blood on time. In some cases getting rare blood is very difficult and which result to death. Especially in case of rural people, the situation is worse.

Not only medicines, but following a healthy food diet post treatment is also very important, which is also a biggest challenge today. Many people fall sick or don’t recover properly by following an unhealthy diet.

Now-a-days, it’s common news that some hospital refuse to provide ambulance to people for carrying death body, etc. Also ambulance facilities is not available in remote areas, which results in serious issue or may be death.

Like this there are many other challenges faced by people every day related to health sector.

The aim behind developing Ocure Technologies Pvt Ltd is to provide people with all the facilities related to health sector. People can use our app for various use like booking an appointment with a doctor, buying medicines, booking lab tests, blood donation/buy, buying healthy food, ambulance booking, skin care, baby care, hair care, protein sakes for gym, personal care, maintaining medical history etc. User can easily use our WhatsApp service to order any of the service from our app from the functionalities mentioned before.